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The Mahi is a great top water fighter and a thrill to bring in. With iridescent Yellow Green and Blue, we have them year round in Kona. Best fishing time for these playful fish is the spring and Fall though.  Most Mahi weigh in the 10-25 pound range making it a great fish for kids to catch. A mature Bull Dolphin can reach weights up to 50 Pounds! This is the fish you eat when you order tacos and they are delicious!  White and flaky this fish is a treat to catch and to enjoy after.


Ono in Hawaiian means “delicious” and this fish is highly sought after for its table fare. Strong Sleek and Slender the Wahoo is a fierce fighter. You can expect tired arms and lot of action when you hook up to one of the fastest fish in the ocean. The average size Ono is between 10 to 20 lbs, but a big shouldered one can reach up to 100 Lbs! Spring though Fall is the best time to catch an Ono. They are a favorite on the dining table as well. They make excellent flaky steaks and maybe the best fish tacos you have ever had.


Yellow fin and Big eye Tuna are referred to as Ahi in Hawaii. We call them Shibi when they are under 20 pounds. This fish lives in Kona year round so you always have a chance to catch one. The best months are March through October. They are a deep red when served and can be eaten sushi style or grilled. This is a fish to remember both catching and dining with.


This is one of the most popular and sought after fish in Kona. It lives here year round so you always have a good chance to catch this delicious warrior of the ocean. The typical fish weighs 25-40 lbs so they are a workout for sure. they can be prepared for the table any number of ways just don’t overcook.


Striped Marlins or Stripeys are a year round resident int he beautiful waters of Kona. Best times for catching this fish would be November through June. Typical size is 40-100 pounds. When you hook up with one of these beautiful fish it will be a challenge and you will need all your strength and stamina to bring one in. Let your imagination run wild as to how to prepare this fish as there are no bad ways to prepare them. Call your taxidermist if you catch a big one!


This is the Blue Marlin, The Big Daddy, The ONE, the biggest, strongest, most ferocious fighting game fish in the ocean without a doubt. They can weigh in anywhere from 100 lbs and get as massive as 1000 lbs! This is the Hemingway fish, the Myth. It will be the fish of your lifetime if you are lucky enough to get one on your line. They are in the Kona waters all year so we always have a chance at a Big Blue. We don’t keep these fish. We will get pictures and video all you want, but it is one of the fish we like to release and let it grow big to catch again.


This is the most prevalent fish in Kona. They are a schooling fish and when we are catching one we will usually catch a bunch! They can weigh 5 to 30 lbs and put up a great but manageable fight compared to their larger cousins. This is a delicious fish and the Hawaiians use this fish in most of their meals.

Client Testimonials

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  • Most epic fishing trip ever!!!! I have fished many places and been with some top-notch captains and this trip with Biteme charters was by far the greatest ever! We had so much action it was amazing we were met in the morning by the crew with fruit and pastries as well as smiles and chipper moods! I would recommend anyone I know to fish with BITEME charters!
    Aaron Smith Customer
  • I love this company because I get to go fishing and am able to help other people catch a fish of a lifetime. I love the fact that they are willing to release fish it makes me feel like I'm doing my part in sustaining the local fishery. The crew's encouragement, excitement, expertise, and love for their profession made my whole family even more excited than we already were.
    Nate Figueroa Awesome Customer
  • One of our main goals for our vacation was a fishing trip... Bite Me Fishing and their entire crew made it the most enjoyable trip possible! There were mechanical issues with the boat we were originally scheduled for two days before our trip. Rather than cancel or have to reschedule the owner other company and his team worked to make our trip possible.
    Stephanie B Customer