Trust our 7 captains and our over 80 years of Combined Experience, Fishing in the Best Fishery in the World!

Voted “Best of West Hawaii” for years, Bite Me Sport-fishing is a great way to experience Kona Deep Sea Fishing at its finest. With 7 top-of-the-line fishing boats to choose from, Bite Me Sport-fishing offers diverse Hawaiian charter fishing experiences at their finest. With charters available for Private or Shared groups of up to 37 people, we can accommodate your dream fishing trip, no matter what your needs. It’s for these reasons and more that we’ve been voted “Best of West Hawaii” for years! The waters of Big Island, Kona are World Renown for their Big Fish and the Quality of the fishery here.

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Starts from $900.00

Kila Kila – 53' Merritt

A classic sport-fishing boat, extensively appointed for comfort and luxury...    Read More »


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Starts from $550.00

Bite Me 6 – 41' Hatteras

The Bite Me 6 provides an intimate and streamlined setting for the complete Kona...    Read More »


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Starts from $119.00

Bite Me 4 – 38' Hatteras

Another amazing addition to our ultimate Kona sportfishing fleet, the Bite...    Read More »


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Starts from $119.00

Bite Me 3 – 40' Egg Harbor

One of our mid-sized boats featuring a large tuna tower for locating fish, the Bite...    Read More »


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Starts from $550.00

Bite Me 2 – 46' Hatteras

As the biggest fishing boat of our fleet at 46', Bite Me 2 is a great boat for large...    Read More »


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Starts from $119.00

Bite Me 1 – 40' Uniflite

Our original boat and one of Kona's fastest 40 footers, Bite Me 1 is a fantastic ve...    Read More »


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Starts from $100.00

Private Charter - Ocean Encounters

We have a boat that can accommodate up to 37 people for private trips so no one has...    Read More »


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What to Expect With Your Charter

Top-of-the-line equipment to ensure the best fishing advantage.

“The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope.” – John Buchan

At Bite Me Sportfishing, our customers are anglers of all levels of experience to the novice up to the professionals. We also often take non-anglers who are looking to enjoy time on a boat with their families.

Because we take such variety of guests we wanted to make sure our guests are familiar with our style of fishing and what to expect on their fishing charter. Regardless if your charter is a shared charter or a private charter the most important thing to remember is to have fun!

Meet & Greet

Before departing our Captain and Crew will introduce themselves and give a briefing on the boat.


As soon as we leave the harbor, the crew will set out the lures. Guests are encouraged to ask questions and try to understand the technique involved.

Client Testimonials

The best reference is a good word!

  • Most epic fishing trip ever!!!! I have fished many places and been with some top-notch captains and this trip with Biteme charters was by far the greatest ever! We had so much action it was amazing we were met in the morning by the crew with fruit and pastries as well as smiles and chipper moods! I would recommend anyone I know to fish with BITEME charters!
    Aaron Smith Customer
  • I love this company because I get to go fishing and am able to help other people catch a fish of a lifetime. I love the fact that they are willing to release fish it makes me feel like I'm doing my part in sustaining the local fishery. The crew's encouragement, excitement, expertise, and love for their profession made my whole family even more excited than we already were.
    Nate Figueroa Awesome Customer
  • One of our main goals for our vacation was a fishing trip... Bite Me Fishing and their entire crew made it the most enjoyable trip possible! There were mechanical issues with the boat we were originally scheduled for two days before our trip. Rather than cancel or have to reschedule the owner other company and his team worked to make our trip possible.
    Stephanie B Customer

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