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Hawaii Fishing Novices Go For It!

Hawaii fishingWhat does it take for a total novice on their first time sport fishing on the Big Island of Hawaii? Just the will to go for it!

Here’s a first-person look at what its like to go sportfishing with Bite Me charters, a story sent in from a fishing novice:

“The capable crew at Bite Me Sportfishing Charters led me through finding my sea legs and learning the fascinating process of dropping five lines in the water for some serious Kona sportsfishing trolling.

“Within five minutes of leaving the mouth of Honokohau Harbor in the Kona District of the Big Island of Hawai’i we’re trolling! This is time well spent. We’re on the Bite Me 5, and it’s just us and our captain, who we all watch with wide eyes as he deftly moves about the fishing vessel, getting all of the gear quickly into place.

Hawaii fishing“We then had a lesson about the fighting chair–how to ‘click in.’ Then, how to handle the reel and the fishing line (no contact with the line when it’s being pulled out!), then making sure to spindle properly when guiding a big Pelagic fish in. Planting my feet properly on the footboard of the fighting chair and taking my time bringing in my dinner made it all a wonderful success!

“We headed for the birds and the spinner dolphins, which were helping us hunt on the Big Island Pacific shelf.  It’s awesome just to see the island of Hawaii from the water.  Soon enough we heard that reel spinning away – fish on!

“We got a big Ahi on the line, and after putting some energy into it, got it on the leader and close enough to gaffe and call it Landed!  How proud were we coming back into Honokohau marina after our deep sea fishing experience in Kona, Hawaii! We pulled up to the landing dock just outside the Bite Me Restaurant Bar & Grill to have our 170-pound Yellowfin Tuna hoisted up on the crane from the dock to the landing, right behind the patio of the restaurant. All of the customers were stoked to see a big fish come in!

“We got a picture of us all with the full shaka on and came back for our fresh catch prepared for us at the Bite Me Restaurant. What a piece of Heaven!”

Hawaii seafood restaurant

If you have saved up for your Hawaiian vacation, Don’t miss the Kona Sportsfishing Charters at Bite Me Sportfishing! Think of it this way, you’ve already travelled at least 2,500 miles to get to the Big Island of Hawaii, so don’t miss out on your opportunity to try big pelagic fishing in the beautiful district of Kona!

What’s your Hawaii fishing story? Leave a comment below about your first fishing trip!