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Local Hawaii Sports Fishing Fan Catches Two on Same Day!

Catching either a Mahi Mahi or a Striped Marlin are usually enough for anyone out on a Hawaii fishing charter in Kona. It was a very good day for Dale when he caught both fish on his sports fishing charter on the same day!

The 18-pound Mahi Mahi and the 26-pound Striped Marlin will keep Dale stocked in excellent fresh fish fillet’s for several days!

The Mahi Mahi, a Hawaii sport fishing favorite, is a local seafood delicacy in Kona. Sports fishing enthusiasts know this fish can fetch $18-$27  a pound in Kona fish markets.

Hawaii fishing means having a great time reeling in your catch. And, with Bite Me Sportfishing, you can also eat what you catch on the back deck of Bite Me Fish Market Bar and Grill. Whether it’s a fresh fish fillet or fish tacos or one of our deep south cajun specials, you’ll find Bite Me Fish Market Bar and Grill is  a great place to share  fishing stories with friends.

In Dale’s case, he will bring back two good Hawaii fishing stories to talk about when he gets home! Congratulations, Dale, on a great two-for-one day!

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