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Everyone Gets a Mahi Mahi Today!

Everyday is a good day on the Big Island of Hawaii, but today was an extra good day for the Crawford family!!! Every single family member got to reel up their very own Mahi Mahi. They had such a great experience they decide to extend their trip from an 8 hour day to a 10 hour day out on the Bite Me 2 with Captain Brian Wargo and his trusty deck hand Bradley.

Mahi Mahi are just coming back into season and the Crawford family was definatly in the right place at the right time. They ran into this herd of Mahi Mahi and all you could hear was the sweet whine of the reel.

After weigh in and picture taking everyone was ready to eat some of their fresh catch at the Bite Me Bar and Grill and even took some back to their condo for a fish fry the very next day!